Evangelio de Tomás Interpretación


About Javier Lantero Rózpide

Now retired, I was Cofounder of Fundación Tomillo (www.tomillo.org) and have served as its President since its inception in 1984. My studies were in Economics and Psychology. Management has been my main field of activity.

I am interested in spiritual questions that concern right living and transcendence. I am the author of a small book entitled “An Image of the Human Being, the search of a lifetime” (available only in Spanish).

I am especially interested in Christian contemplative spirituality. Specifically, I am best acquainted with and feel connected to the World Community for Christian Meditation, sharing its emphasis in the practice of meditation.

I discovered Roberto Pla´s book “Man, Temple of the Living God, a hidden exegesis of Christ´s religion based on the Gospel of Thomas” some 15 years ago. It has been of great importance to me ever since and I feel committed to making it known, for I see it as an important contribution to renewing the traditional understanding of the Christian message. This, I regard as very necessary.

I have arranged for the translation of this book into English as well as setting up the following web pages: www.gospelofthomas-interpretation.com / www.evangeliodetomas-interpretacion.com and www.robertopla.com